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Oral-Conscious Sedation

Oral Conscious Sedation in New York, New York

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Oral-conscious sedation is administered at our office one hour prior to your scheduled procedure. Depending on the strength of the dose given, oral-conscious sedation can be minimal are moderate.  Many patients prefer this type of sedation because it is easy to administer and works well for most people.  All sedated patients will need a friend or relative to drive them home after the procedure. 

What to Expect

For oral-conscious sedation, patients take a small pill about an hour before their appointment. The pill induces a tranquil, yet conscious state and patients hardly notice when the anesthetic is administered at the beginning of their appointment. The sedative effect lasts throughout the appointment and for several hours afterwards, and many patients have little or no memory of the procedure. It is important for patients to arrange a ride home because the medication cannot be controlled in terms of when it will wear off.

Estimated Cost

The cost of oral-conscious sedation is about $350 per appointment. Some dental insurance companies may cover part or all of the cost, depending on the patient's coverage policy.

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Oral-Conscious Sedation FAQs

Completely Unconscious?

No. Oral-conscious sedation is a moderate sedative that will leave patients with the ability to respond to the dentist's questions and requests.

Duration of Sedation?

The duration of the patient's sedation varies, based on the procedure being performed and their reaction to the sedative. Patients can expect to be sedated for 2 to 6 hours. However, patients may not recover from the effects of the sedative for 24 hours.

Any Side Effects?

Some patients report nausea and vomiting with oral-conscious sedation. Some patients also report partial or full memory loss of their dental procedure. However, each patient will react differently to the sedative. Some patients may not experience any side effects at all. Patients can discuss the side effects, questions and concerns with their dentist prior to their procedure.